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One Year Pathway Program

pathway to bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs

Chinese Language Pathway program is designed to help international students improving their Chinese proficiency to meet degree study requirement at Nanjing Normal University (NNU), while providing a strong support system both academically and socially. Students will develop Chinese, academic and cultural skills. Upon successful completion of the program with qualified HSK certificate, students can enter to a variety of majors to complete NNU degrees.

I. Application and admission

A.? Application website

Online applications are available for both Degree Program and Non-degree Program. Applicants need to log on to the Nanjing Normal University's international student online service system (

B.? Application deadline and materials required

Visit our to fill out the application and upload your required materials.

The opening time of the system is from April 1st to July 30th for the Fall semester 2020 admission.

The application deadline:

For the Spring semester: Jan. 15th

For the Fall semester: July 1st

The following materials (color scanned) are required to submit online when applying for pathway program application admission:

Copy of passport

Certification of secondary schools (required for BA program applicant)

Certification of University or College degree (required for MA or MS program applicant)

Certified official, original transcripts

Qualified Physical Examination Record

(Foreigner Physical Examination Form may required)

Certificate of Good Conduct

Chinese Proficiency not required

C.? Evaluation process

Generally, it takes 3-4 weeks for admission evaluation. Admission decision will be informed online. During this period, applicants can login the Nanjing Normal University's international student online service system ( to check your application status. The College reserves the right to reevaluate an applicant’s admission or scholarship decision upon registration. This reevaluation may result in a change of admissions or scholarship status.

For the students who have been admitted:

Nanjing Normal University Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Foreign Students (JW202 Form) will be sent by postal mail to you at the mailing address provided as in the application.?

II. Visa

Please apply for X1 or X2 visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate with the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Foreign Students (JW202 Form) before entering the China (Consult the Chinese Embassy or Consulate for specific material requirements).

International student must hold a Study Visa (X visa). If a Tourist visa (L Visa) holder wants to convert it to study visa after he/she enters the country, he/she may be required to re-enter after leaving China. Therefore, this practice is not recommended.

III. Insurance

International students are required to purchase the group comprehensive insurance designated by NNU, and nonpayment may result in registration or class cancellation. The payment should be received before or on the day of registration. (Insurance fee: RMB 400 for 6 months or RMB 800 for 12 months)

IV. Fees (CNY)

A.? Registration fee: 400 RMB (non-refundable)

B.? Tuition (in RMB): 22000/academic year

C.? Books: Self-support

D.? Insurance: RMB 800 for 12 months

Tuition fees must be paid at one time each academic year within the prescribed time limit. Those who fail to pay tuition fees in full and on time will not be registered. Remittance students should remit to the designated account and save the remittance voucher for verification.

V. Information of Remittance Account

A.? Bank of deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ninghai Road Branch

Bank Address: 208 Guangzhou Road, Nanjing, China

Name of Unit: Nanjing Normal University

Account number: 4301 0114 1900 1081 051

B.? Bank: Bank of China Gunandu Branch

Bank Address: 177 Guangzhou Road, Nanjing, China.

Unit Name: Nanjing Normal University

Account Number: 5131 5821 6421

Bank of China Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ940


  1. If you send money directly to your bank in mainland China, you can send RMB directly.
  2. ?Please indicate your student number and name in the remittance enclosure or comment column, e.g. "30190001, Mark".
  3. Please send the remittance voucher scanned or photographed and sent back by email, and we will send the "Notice of Admission" and "Visa Application Form" (JW202 Form) and other materials within 15 working days after confirming your remittance.?

VI. Accommodation

?? The university offers a variety of housing options to meet the diverse needs of students living on or off campus.

A.? Nanshan hotel (on campus): 4800 RMB/semester/person (2 share one room, with air condition, bathroom and study room)

B.? International Students’ Dormitory (on campus): 4200RMB/semester/person (3 share one room, with air condition, bathroom, small living room, balcony)

C.? International students living off campus are required to sign a information sheet. The rents vary according to housing conditions.

VII. Contact Us

Ms. Song

International Student Admissions

International School for Chinese studies

Nanjing Normal University

Address: Building 200, Suiyuan Campus

122 Ninghai Road, Nanjing 210097

Jiangsu Province, China

Tel: 0086-25-83598326

Fax: 0086-25-83717160



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