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Our College Won the First Game of the “Housheng Cup” Graduate Basketball Competition

In the afternoon of October 13, the group games of the 14th "Housheng Cup" basketball competition hosted by the graduate student association and organized by the sports center of graduate student association of each Academy was held in the basketball court of Suiyuan campus of our university. The two sides participating in the competition were the International College for Chinese Studies and the College of Educational science. The competition adhered to the principles of friendship, physical fitness and competition, aiming to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation of students and enhance their physical quality.

With the referee's whistle, both sides quickly got into a groove of fierce competition. Among them, No. 1 player was our foreign student Bayasa, who was also the team leader of our basketball team. He was experienced and calm. Although he was a guard, he always organized the team members to attack actively and defend orderly during the competition. Zhao Shengqiang, No. 10 player, was tall and healthy. He scored frequently under the tight defense of his opponent, which had won the applause of the whole court. He Feng, No. 8, was on the free throw line, contributing a lot of points to our team with his accurate shooting skills. No. 25, Zhong Jinrong and No.13, Xi'an both had extraordinary strength. They cooperated with the team members tacitly. Xi'an scored frequently outside the three-point line, which helped stabilize our team. Zhong Jinrong's physical strength and dashing movements attracted cheers from the audience. In this game, every player was active in running, covering for his teammates, and occasionally had excellent passing and excellent layup. A intense, exciting competition, constantly staged in the basketball court. At the same time, cheerleaders outside the field were also enthusiastic, showing their youth and cheering for the students participating in the competition. During the half-time of the match, Yang Qingran shot at a designated spot to win a point. Under the tacit cooperation of the team members, our college finally defeated the College of Educational Science with the score of 35:31, and won the first battle. Hope the team members make further efforts and get greater achievements!

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