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The Opening Ceremony of the Immersion Seminar for Local Chinese Teachers in Singapore in 2019 was Successfully Held

At 3:00 PM on October 29, the opening ceremony of immersion training class for native Chinese teachers of Singapore middle schools was held in lecture hall 108, 200th?building, Suiyuan Campus of our school. Liang shehui, the vice president of International College for Chinese Studies, attended the ceremony. 21 middle school teachers from Singapore attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Gu Xia, personal secretary of?our institute.

Liang delivered?a welcome speech. First of all, he introduced the history of Nanjing Normal University to the members of the seminar, and focused on the development history of overseas Chinese teacher trained in our school. He said that our school is among the first batch of universities in China which are open to the outside world after the Reform and Opening Up. It is a demonstration base for foreign students to study in China and a base for teaching Chinese as a second language. In recent years, our school has undertaken a large number of training courses for overseas Chinese teachers and trained thousands of overseas Chinese teachers. He hopes that through this workshop, it will strengthen the standardization, normalization, and?professionalization of Chinese language promotion and enhance the teachers’ capabilities. He also hopes that the teachers from Singapore will appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture in the ancient capital Nanjing.

In this immersion seminar, Mr. Lin Weiling, Director of the Curriculum Planning and Development Department of the Ministry of Education of Singapore, first showed gratitude for the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Nanjing Normal University for their meticulous preparations. China and Singapore have comprehensively established "All-round partnership advancing with the times" in recent years, especially in education. Through a variety of exchange programs, it has promoted close contacts between education officials, school leaders, teachers and students in both countries. She sincerely hopes that through the given lectures, classroom observations, cultural investigations and other activities of the immersion course, we will promote more in-depth thinking on Chinese teaching, and polish it up.

After the opening ceremony, all the participants took a group photo on the big lawn.

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