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The International College for Chinese Studies Participated in the 57th Track and Field Sports Meeting of NNU

The 57th Track and Field Sports Meeting of NNU was held on October 25 & 26, West Track Field, Xianlin Campus. More than 40 Chinese and foreign teachers and students from the International College for Chinese Studies participated in the games and achieved excellent results in the competition for the 18 events they signed up for.

At 8 o'clock on the morning of the 25th, the 57th track and field sports meeting officially kicked off. In the opening ceremony, the colleges each formed a square array to show their respective styles. The square of the International College for Chinese Studies is one of the most beautiful scenery. Marching along with the beat of passionate symphony, the square composed of undergraduates and international students walked into the field in the cheers of the audience. Under the guidance of the fluttering college flag, the Chinese flags and their own national flags held by students complemented each other in gloss. The black uniforms are embellished with the national costumes of the international students, reflecting the college characteristics of combing the east and the west. The neat pace and the resounding slogan of “GuoJiao GuoJiao, International” also conveys the spirit of internationalization and diversification, showing openness, cooperation and solidarity.

During the two-day competition, students from ICCS challenged themselves and worked hard to achieve good results. In the 16*80 competition where teachers and students participated together, along with the relay of the baton, we also pass on the joy and passion of sports. In next games, the athletes play their strengths in the competition to fight for glory which fully demonstrated the positive spirit of competitive sports. Every race and jump carried?in it the vitality of youth. In the end, Zhou Yang and Li Fei won the seventh and fifth place in the men's shot-put competition respectively, while Jin Jingtian finished runner-up?in the men's 100-meter and men's 200-meter finals, winning honors for the college.

In addition to the hard work of the athletes, the smooth development of the event cannot be separated from the hard work of the volunteers. In this event, the undergraduate students of ICCS actively engaged in voluntary work. They not only organized the whole event in advance, but also laid out a sound work plan according to the characteristics of international students, which provided a good guarantee for athletes and laid a foundation for the achievement of good results.

The two-day sports meeting came to a successful conclusion. Through this event, students exercised the body, honed the will, and created good memories together. The sports meeting is not only a competition of sporting brilliance and the exhibition of college style, but also an excellent platform for communication between teachers and students. It also lays foundation for the deep friendship between Chinese students and international students. The spirit of positive, open and inclusive is led to a higher place. The students of the International College for Chinese Studies will continue to work together to achieve great results under the inspiration of the sports spirit they have learned from the competition.

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