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Experience the Beautiful Countryside, Feel the Charm of China

On November 17, our college?organized Chinese government scholarship preparatory students and some Confucius Institute Scholarship freshmen enrolled in autumn 2019 to go to Gaochun for one-day language practice activities. This activity has been highly valued by the college, led by Lin Hong, vice president of the college, Zhang Wei, director of the International Student Affairs Office of the college, and most preparatory teachers have participated in this activity.

The overseas students visited the Qiqiao old streets, Yaxi slow city and Gaochun Ceramic Museum. In the old street of Qiqiao, the overseas students visited the buildings with Huizhou characteristics, appreciated the ancient town's charm and history through wooden lacquer bridge, old well circle, ancient monument, brick and stone carving and other relics. Gaochun Yaxi international slow city is China's first "international slow city" awarded by the world slow city alliance. Overseas students in Yaxi enjoy the beautiful rural scenery, taste the farm food, experience the slow pace of rural life, and feel the new features of China's rural areas. Gaochun Ceramic Museum not only shows overseas students the brilliant development of China's contemporary porcelain, but also shows them the splendid ceramic culture of China for 5000 years. In the process of visiting, the overseas students constantly marvel at China's ceramic technology. After the visit, the overseas students also experienced the ceramic production process such as drawing blank and painting porcelain. In the experience stage, the overseas students show us high artistic skills and hands-on ability. They also brought back their ceramic plates to school, saying it was a wonderful memory of their time in China.

Through this activity, our overseas students not only relieved the pressure of intense study, but also gained a lot. Many students think that this activity makes their language level improve rapidly in the context of all Chinese, and at the same time, it makes them see China full of vitality and great power. I hope that such meaningful activities can be held more often, so that they can better perceive the beautiful China.

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