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Enter the City Management of Nanjing and Perceive the Charm Of History and Culture

On October 26th, we organized some overseas students to participate in the?activities of the?Open Day?of?Nanjing Urban Management Office?and?of?Sanitation Workers' Day with the theme of "Better understanding, Warmer, Double hand-painted and Beautiful Jinling". The activity provided?a window for overseas students to go deep into Nanjing, perceive Nanjing and publicize Nanjing.

In this activity, the overseas students first visited the modern small sanitation machine sweeping car, Jinyao villa of Qixia district "fixed time and fixed point" to release the new intelligent garbage classification mode, garbage classification experience hall, garbage classification points exchange supermarket, and experience the VR game of garbage classification. This series of activities helped international students learn a lot of knowledge about garbage classification, and also enhanced their awareness of environmental protection. Shen Siya, from Germany, said that when she returned to school, she would release garbage in strict accordance with the standards of garbage classification.

Why is Nanjing so beautiful? Who are working hard for the beautiful city of Nanjing? What can we do for Nanjing? In the afternoon, with these problems, the overseas students had a close experience of Nanjing urban management offices ?informatization management-?"fine and beautiful system ", city lighting?project?and other aspects of work, and intuitively felt the achievements of Nanjing urban management in recent years in the aspects of modernization of governance ability, scientific operation system, and intelligent methods and means.

After the activity, the students said that they would actively participate in the volunteer activities of Nanjing city governance, and contribute their share to the construction of "innovative city and beautiful ancient capital".

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