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"Employment Golden Key Series" - Japan's Postgraduate Employment Seminar was Successfully Held

At 3:20 pm on October 25th, the "Employment Golden Key Series" Japan Postgraduate Employment Seminar was successfully held in lecture hall 108, 200th?building of?International College for Chinese Studies. Fang Lingbo, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, organized the lecture. We?feel?honored to have invited Ge Feng, the president of Jiucheng Co., Ltd., as the keynote speaker of the lecture. The attendees also include Hasegawa Wenzi, the principal of Jiucheng Co., Ltd. Nanjing?branch?and the undergraduates and graduate students of the International College for Chinese Studies.

At first, Secretary Fang Lingbo gave a brief introduction to the purpose of this lecture. With the warm applause, the lecture officially kicked off. Mr. Ge first introduced his own experience of?studying abroad. Next, he analyzed the situation of enrollment and employment of graduate students in China and Japan, and pointed out that the current rate of enrollment and employment in Japan is rather satisfying. According to the domestic and international situations now, studying in Japan is a relatively less stressful choice for students who have the willingness to go abroad for further study. This lecture discussed the application process of studying in Japan and the living conditions of international students in Japan with?real examples.?The employment directions of students who have worked in Japan after graduation were also summarized. Mr. Ge combined with his own experience in studying abroad and seeking employment and elaborated it rigorously. He hopes this lecture can help pave the way for students to study abroad and to enter the professional career.

As the lectures are coming to an end, Fang raised?relevant questions about the advantages of graduate students of our school. She proposed that employment should not be confined to a specific condition. The students of new generation should broaden their horizons, exploit?their?ideas, and realize their life value in a broader world. The students who participated in the lecture not only learned about the relevant news?of the Japanese postgraduate employment, but also gained wit and wisdom of life. So far, this lecture has been successfully held.

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