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2019 Deakin University Short-term Project Starts

Recently, the opening ceremony of the short-term project of the 2019 Australian Deakin University, led by Professor Katya Johanson, Assistant Dean of the Deakin College of Arts and Education, was held in Room 109, Building 200, Suiyuan Campus. Qian Yulian, Dean of the International College for Chinese Studies?attended and gave a welcome speech.

Dean Qian first welcomed the arrival of the guests and the students. She briefed the students on the beautiful ancient capital, Nanjing, especially the history of Nanjing, and introduced the situation of Nanjing Normal University and the International College for Chinese Studies. Finally she explained?the courses, cultural lectures and cultural visits of the short-term projects.?Then Professor Katya Johanson first thanked us college for the careful preparation of the project. She said that the project has been carried out since the late 1980s. Deakin University highly recognized the education and teaching work of Nanjing Normal University. The close cooperation between the two sides has increased the communication between Chinese and Australian young students.

Also attending the opening ceremony were Professor Liu Guoqiang, head of Deakin University Project, and the comrades responsible?for teaching and administration of this short-term college.


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