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Specifications of Insurance Purchasing
for? International Students
in Nanjing Normal University

1. As stipulated in the related regulations promulgated by Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China and Nanjing Normal University, every international student should buy corresponding insurance while paying the tuition fee, which is the integral document for residence permit application and enrollment in Nanjing Normal University.

2. Every international student in NanjingNormalUniversity is required to buy corresponding insurance in terms of academic year or semester. The insurance premium for one academic year is RMB 800 Yuan per person, covering the duration from Sept.1 to Sept.1 next year or from Feb.1 to Feb.1 next year. The insurance premium for one semester is RMB 400 Yuan per person, covering the duration from Sept.1 to Mar.1 next year in autumn semester and from Feb. 1 to Aug.1 inspring semester.

3. Every self-financed international student should buy insurance for the remedy of the duration which does not covered by the autumn semester or spring semester due to the personal needs for residence permit application during winter or summer vacations. The insurance premium for one month is RMB 160 Yuan per person, for 2 months is RMB 240 Yuan per person, for 3 months is RMB 320 Yuan per person.

4. For further information concerning insurance you may call for?customer?service?

Consultation?&?submission?of?claims?of?Beijing?Branch?of Ping?An?Life Insurance

Company?of?China,?Ltd.:??400-810-5119 or 010-67185217. Please provide your passport number to confirm your insurance status when making calls to the insurance company. You may also consult Office for International Students Affairs at Room 101, Building 200, Suiyuan Campus, or call 025-83598362.

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