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Dear students,

On behalf of the International College for Chinese Studies, I would like to extend our warmest welcome. Thanks for joining us, and I believe it will be a rewarding trip.

The College is located on Suiyuan Campus, which is well renowned as “the most beautiful oriental campus”, and our university is one of the founding Chinese universities recruiting international students. So far, we have earned a high reputation of teaching Chinese language to foreign students with a history over 50 years, which ranks the top in China.?

In May 1996, the International College for Chinese Studies was established. In 2000, our college was authorized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council as the only Chinese Education Base in Jiangsu Province. In 2001, the International College for Chinese Studies was approved by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) as HSK testing centre. In 2003, our College was rewarded as “National Base for Teaching Chinese Language to Foreigners” by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The College is also well known by its foundation program, with remarkable achievements. At present, our College offers a variety of programs, at multiple levels.

The College has been making great efforts to enhance the bilateral cooperation and exchanges with over 80 universities from more than 20 countries and regions, which makes our globalization a success. When entering into the campus, you will deeply embrace the atmosphere permeated with a spirit of cordial friendship and a variety of cultural fusion. You will study here, live here, and communicate with other students from various cultural backgrounds. It is necessary for you to mutually understand and accept each others’ culture and opinions, and establish mutual respect, confidence and trust.?

Nanjing Normal University is the ideal destination for you to improve your Chinese language proficiency, to learn professional knowledge and to strengthen your capability of communications and collaborations. With diligent work and efforts, most of our graduates have achieved good performance in their career and high-quality life. Taking this opportunity, we would like to deliver our friendly invitation. To visit and learn in Nanjing, we are here, waiting for you to explore. You will meet glorious ancient stories, tremendous tourist resources, friendly local people, and teachers and students who will share your happiness and sorrows.

As one Chinese ancient saying: When friends gather round from afar do we not rejoice? The College for Chinese Studies of Nanjing Normal University welcomes you, and all our staff and students welcome you!


Professor, Ph.D.

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